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Transforming emerging technologies into real-world scenario application technologies to provide professional integrated digital marketing solutions for corporate organizations. Have professional and complete supporting services and mature technical implementation team
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VR(Virtual Reality,即虚拟现实,也称灵境技术,称VR)是综合利用计算机图形系统和各种现实及控制等接口设备,在计算机上生成的、可交互的三维环境中提供沉浸感觉的技术,VR可以利用电脑模拟产生一个三维空间的虚拟世界并通过特定的设备,给使用者视觉等感官方面的真实体验。


AR(Augmented Reality,即增强现实,简称AR)是一种实时地计算摄像机影像的位置及角度并加上相应图像的技术,这种技术的目标是在屏幕上把虚拟世界套在现实世界并进行互动。


Touch one machine

Touch one machine is an advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies. The touch screen has four or five-wire resistive screen, surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch film and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad, which can meet different regions and places of users. Application requirements. The touch-one machine truly combines touch and control, greatly improving people's work efficiency.

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Virtual reality helmet

HD OLED screen, leading optical design, wireless design, free to take you into another world

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8K interactive ultra high definition big screen

With top-level display unit and splicing scheme, the bigger view and more wonderful.

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iPad tablet

The iPad is a series of tablets released by Apple that has a sophisticated design and a smooth operating experience.

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Mobile Phones

iPhone series and all kinds of Android series phones.

It is innovation, it is experience, it is the most intelligent real estate.

We offer screaming ideas, an unimaginable experience, five digital systems, and a variety of high-end experience devices. Perfectly implanted, say goodbye to the cramming explanation mode, and make the clunky sales experience smart!

Touch screen sales system

Brand history, project overview, location transportation, community type, etc., all included, through the beautiful 3D scene restoration, Let the final form of the project landscape, business and location appear in front of the buyers. The sales representatives need not say much, and the buyers are already aware of it.

iPad Sales System

The iPad show sales room system has a natural explanation, and can be used with virtual model rooms, real estate profiles, brand introductions and other systems. The integration ability is super strong and easy to operate, especially suitable for home sales consultants to explain.

AR handheld viewing system

1:1 high-precision model three-dimensional reduction, near-realistic light field rendering, close to the real field of view, through high-sensitivity three-axis gyroscopes and The wireless Bluetooth controller allows the user to enjoy the 360° view without any dead corners.

720° panoramic view

Full display of all the scenery in the 720° sphere, dragging with your finger on the screen of the mobile phone, you can watch all directions of the scene, giving people a three-dimensional feeling, so that the viewer is like being in it.

VR immersive viewing system

Through the display of multiple hotspot areas in the model room, users can appreciate the subtleties of the apartment. Unrestricted platform adaptability, allowing panoramic viewing to cover all of the customer's terminals.
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Ultra-low-cost communication channels, and progress together with this era, WeChat interactive marketing is coming

WeChat interactive marketing can help companies reduce the cost of publicity,
broaden the marketing channels, and make the brand spread more widely. Continuous interactive stimulation, spurring people's traffic, gathering popularity for the company

Marketing tool, multi-dimensional customer relationship management system

Let customer information be actively and naturally retained, record customer preferences based on their behavior interactions,
reduce corporate decision-making costs, and improve marketing accuracy. Multi-dimensional data analysis can lead to increased marketing success
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  • Multi-dimensional customer data analysis

  • Target customer management

  • Targeted marketing

  • Information notification

Partial cooperation case

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