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Here are a group of young people who are pursuing the ultimate and brave and innovation. They always insist on doing things that make people's lives more interesting and beautiful.
They believe that human imagination has no limits and strive to turn imagination into reality. Join Us

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Focus on digital technology innovation

Known as Chongqing Gucheng Technology Co., Ltd., Gucheng Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing digital interactive solutions for enterprises with cutting-edge technology to help enterprises carry out digital upgrade of brands and create a new experiential marketing models. We are good at tapping the psychology of customer demand in the industry, and output matching products to the target groups of customers, bringing extraordinary expectations to the marketing of corporate customers.

We have been in the field of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) for many years, unique innovation, providing digital interactive solutions for many well-known domestic brands, and applying self-developed technology to digital real estate sales, cultural centers, event exhibitions, etc. .

We are keen to bring the most efficient and convenient value service to our corporate customers through fun, and creative planning. We focus on digital technology innovation and solidify with you all the way.

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New starting point, new beginning, future, let imagination be everywhere

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